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Skill Sets & Confidence

Skill Sets & Confidence

It is a very interesting place to find oneself - after years of employment and with a natural talent for writing, to realise that your confidence needs a boost! In fact I had no idea!

I have been writing for years, since I was very young, and have taken my skill for granted!

When someone sits you down and says; "I am sorry to have to tell you, but.......we can't afford to keep you" How do you react?

For myself, when it happened in February 2009, I was shocked! Then I was in fear of not being able to pay my bills, then I was interested to hear that they would provide me with a Bronze handshake (Well the Silver and Gold ones were clearly too expensive for them!)

It was then, that my faith showed up! My faith that this was by design rather than by default, and I would benefit from the ability to experience freedom after 7 years!

Would YOU tell your bosses that you were ecstatic about their decision? I know some would, yet I didn't want to rub it in! You see, I was leaving to set out on an exciting journey, and THEY were still stuck in their jobs!!!

This is the way I chose to see it! It worked for me and I have not looked back!

I don't know if this will help anyone at all. I do know that it was something I was both ready for and so NOT ready for!

I took time out to smell both the flowers AND the coffee!

I also signed up for some courses and guidance on becoming a FREELANCE WRITER!

Someone I knew recommended to a mutual friend that we work together and create some business E-books. WOW! That was an amazing transformation for me! My mindset exploded and re-formed as a new set of skills. What effect do you think this had on my confidence?...............

You'll have to wait for this nugget, and more - coz I just realised how late it is and I must get some beauty sleep! Check out my blog page(s) and check back here in a few days. Thanks. x

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rush essays on 09 June 2018 08:12
Main things in our self is the confidence that to have the power to make skills appearance in everyone. Skill introduce the person that which kind the things we can do and to the all universe gifted the skills in our mind to spread.
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