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Goals & Objectives
Clarity & Focus
Skill Sets & Confidence


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Goals, Objectives, Projects, Achievements, Intention
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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Have you ever set yourself a goal? Or a set of objectives to enable you to reach your goal?

It's an important action step when you have a burning ambition, a vision or a dream, that you'd like to see become reality!

How do you begin? Well, by starting at the very beginning, and writing as specifically as you can, what your goal consists of, as well as bringing the future forward. Confused?

Write your goal in the present tense, as if you have already achieve it. For example..

Clarity & Focus

Clarity & Focus

As a published author (online), writer and copywriter, I require a certain mindset. I must be focused and clear about my intention for my piece of work. I do not need to know exactly what to write, just the scenario.

When Clarity and Focus are present, the gift is the inspiration!

So,you know where I get my inspiration from now don't you? Me, life, experiences and a clear space for it to present itself. It really is that simple. I guess it's because I love to sit and write that I really do love my gift.

Skill Sets & Confidence

Skill Sets & Confidence

It is a very interesting place to find oneself - after years of employment and with a natural talent for writing, to realise that your confidence needs a boost! In fact I had no idea!

I have been writing for years, since I was very young, and have taken my skill for granted!

When someone sits you down and says; "I am sorry to have to tell you, but.......we can't afford to keep you" How do you react?

For myself, when it happened in February 2009, I was shocked!