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Everyone has a story! ..........How do YOU convey yours?

Sometimes people call the art of telling stories...LYING....when the truth has probably and quite simply become embellished, to make the event more interesting! Is this familiar to you?

From a very young age, we hear stories being told or read to us by a variety of people. Adults mostly. So we learn the art of make believe in our formative years.

Then we are taught drama at school, where we 'act' out a part in a book or play that may well be fictional.

We learn the art of 'little white lies' from adults who want a day off work and so we practice this by pretending to be too ill for school!

Ok, not all of us will have experienced these eventualities.......however I imagine you may someone who has!

The ability to capture, entrance and engage an audience is an art form in itself. Rapport is essential here plus the ability to incorporate humour, intelligence or facts to suit the listener(s) and their interests.

Since I was very young, I have longed to become known as a 'storyteller'. I had a couple of issues though. I could not get a word in at home, and I was shy - so 'speaking' my story was pretty much out!

I began to write and my Grandad, seeing I had talent in that area, bought me a portable typewrite. My storytelling had begun in earnest, and that's when I self-published my first book!

It has taken me years to find my 'voice' and still I have issues with speaking on stage. However, give me the opportunity to tell someone face to face about something I believe in or something that happened, and I am off! Sometimes it's difficult to get a word in with Mother - like Daughter....I've been told! :o)

So what's the difference between the two stages? Coz, make no mistake, each platform upon which we are able to convey a spoken story, is a stage!

I believe the difference has much to do with fervour! If your story is sufficiently fervent enough, and the passion to 'present' it to an audience equals your fervour, then you have a match!

Platform skills can be learnt if the desire to become a speaker is important enough. Yet many people who have a story to tell and have 'learnt' the skills to engage an audience from the stage, do little with them. Why?

Well, sometimes FEAR simply gets in the way! That's very likely to be fear of rejection, ridicule, blankness and even success! If it went down well with the audience, you'll have to do it again, right? If it didn't go well, it may be a lot harder to repeat the experience!

I have a fear myself - that my subject matter will not be interesting enough for an audience of many! I admit this, because I am human........and you are not to be fooled by my fervour!

Of course I know that some of my stories capture the attention of my friends, as we openly enjoy interesting conversations. That is the point.....they are conversations and not speaking engagements!

I know that I will one day be speaking on stage, because I am a storyteller. How and when is anybody's guess!.............At least I have started on this journey in dribs and drabs, with the YES Group London, 'Play to Win' and 'Train The Trainer'. If you don't know what I am referring to, just send me an email to ask me.

Look out for my own stories.........on my blog here.

Thank you for 'listening' and ta-ta for now.

Andrea. xxx