SMART Copywriter - Taking your business by the hand

What is the SMART Copywriter Offering?

Continue to.........Watch this space..........For interesting updates.

The whole of this page recently went down! This is probably familiar to some, and it can create some angst as it does take a while to build a quality website.

For me it was an opportunity to regroup my thoughts and upload something new and hopefully inspiring.

This website has received a lot of interest since its birth last year, as lots of people are looking for writers as well as information about writing for a living.

I can tell you that we are all in the same boat - in fact we are all 'looking' for something that floats our boat!

I am looking for clients to write for, so that their business may profit with the addition of my copywriting and conversational writing skills. 

What are YOU looking for......exactly.....???!!!

If you don't know, you may well read this and go on to read another bunch of copywriting websites, and become even more confused about what you want!

So, as you're here, how about taking your TIME whilst PERUSING my conversations, making a few notes along the way, and getting a FEEL for the content. Is it a good match for YOUR BUSINESS?

It won't be for everyone, but if it's for you, just send me an email and ask me to review your website or make a couple of suggestions about what might work for you........based on your business idea.

PLEASE I can't help you if you don't....!!!!!

My consultations are you can be assured I only charge for my written services.

Call me on: +44 (0)7570 592 243 or email me at: [email protected]

There you have it......My Service.....My Contact Number..... and My Email Address.

Over to YOU!........Get in touch NOW.....or keep on wondering "What if"....!!!!!

The very best of health and prosperity to you.

Andrea. xxx